Html means hyper text markup language. It is used to describe the structure of the information in web page. CSS means Cascading style sheets. It is used to make our page more attractive.


Html is used to design the basic structure or template of the web page to communicate information over the World Wide Web.  Html code is used by every web site available in browser. Where html plays two significant roles in web page.

1) The structure created by the html code is used as reference to enhance and manipulate elements on the web page using CSS & JavaScript.

2) Html lets us to indicate the role of elements used in web page to search engines and other services.

HTML elements are used to specify what kind of information the each item contains on the webpage. And these elements are used by the front end developers.


Why we use HTML

It is user friendly

It is supported by all the browsers.

It is search engine friendly so these websites are easily accessed and read by the search engine crawlers.

It is used to reduce crawling time and improves page load time. This helps your website to perform better in search results.



Cascading style sheets is a language for describing the presentation of webpages like colours, fonts & layout etc.  It is used to develop overall look of your website. It allows to adapt the presentation of both large screens and small screens.


Why we use CSS

It makes our web page more effective.

It is easily optimised to search engines.

It is used to present different styles to different viewers.

It has great accessibility.